Çokyaşar Halat Makine Tel Galvanizleme A.Ş., which is under Çokyaşar Holding, was established in 1996 as İzmit Çelik Tel. It took its current form in Düzce Gümüşova with the purchase and restructuring of the company in 2008.
Çokyaşar Halat Makine Tel Galvanizleme San., which operates in the field of steel wire, steel rope and wire products in the iron and steel sector, which is the locomotive of industrialization and economic development in our country. Tic. Inc. It is an industrial enterprise that produces at world standards.
Çokyaşar Halat produces semi-finished value-added products such as steel rope, spring wire and wet wire in its highly competitive facility in line with modern technology and has been used safely for years in many areas from elevators to cranes, from the fishing industry to the furniture and automotive industry.
Çokyaşar Halat is among the leaders of the sector, producing 30 thousand tons annually, including 2,400 tons of ACSR, 2,400 tons of steel rope, and 25 thousand tons of spring wire. It has a storage capacity of approximately 1000 tons under suitable storage and storage conditions. In 2022, it continues its sustainable investments with new state-of-the-art machinery.
Thanks to the wide production possibilities of Çokyaşar Halat products, special productions are made in line with customer requests and expectations. With its experienced, dynamic team and leading distribution partners in its field, it guarantees product quality, appropriate packaging, on-time delivery and most importantly customer satisfaction.
Çokyaşar Halat continues its work for sustainable production with the energy management documents and projects it has in its production facility. It has started to measure carbon emissions in line with the carbon neutral targets of the European Union Green Deal (scope 1+2+3) and is working towards becoming a factory exempt from the EU border carbon tax. With our solar energy panels on the roof of our facility, we contribute to the production of  990.482 kWh of electricity and prevent the release of 465.526 kg of CO2 into the atmosphere. 
By playing an active role in reducing environmental impacts, acting with the awareness that protecting nature is one of its most fundamental duties, it advances its work in this direction.
It continues its path as a responsible industrial organization that adopts a value-oriented investment approach and aims to create a positive impact in the world.


Our values are our principles that have not remained in words for more than half a century, but turned into action and make us who we are. They are our compass that determines, reminds us of our responsibilities towards our customers, partners, employees and society and makes us different.

  • Trustworthy
  • Sustainable
  • Solution oriented
  • Innovative
  • Agile

To provide different solutions for the needs of the sector by producing high quality, innovative and sustainable steel wire.


To be a sustainable supplier that sells high quality and innovative products to every sector and country where steel wire is used.

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